Friday, 24 June 2011

Auto transport insurance

One important thing that has to be kept in mind before choosing a car transport company is the amount of insurance coverage that will be provided by them while the car is in their custody. Most auto transport companies do provide an insurance policy to their clients so that if their car faces any damage while shipping they can get a claim.

All the insurance agreements and responsibility for damages between you and your auto transport company should be included within your contract. When a valuable classic, vintage race car has been shipped apart from general insurance, a temporary type of insurance coverage has to be covered. Such coverage may be available through your auto transport company and added to the cost of your vehicle's transport.

Following things have to kept in mind:

According to law the auto transport company will be having an insurance certificate which can be collected. You can freely ask them certain questions like what kind of policies they have, if any damage occurs during shipping will it be covered or only certain parts of the car will be covered. Keep in mind that any assurances that the auto transport companies gives should be in writing. Just see that if there are any personal items in the car. If yes, then remove it.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Advice on classic car shipment

For most of people it is not an easy task to transporting the car up to lengthy distance same as like shipping the vehicle all the way through an arterial highway travel. Particularly when it comes to a classic car and if you need to car transport your standard sports car or any other luxurious automobiles then it become even extra complicated. This type of vehicles frequently appeal sentimental consequence and it makes the entire procedure more unique in addition to the highest delivery costs. With the purpose of this reason the requirement of a trustworthy enclosed car transportation service becomes important.