Monday, 23 July 2012

Dealer Track: Contract to Get 1st Auto Transport Directory

Expanding its range of solutions and services for the automotive trade industry, Dealer Track today announced a contract to get 1st Auto Transport Directory, Inc., a web-based network for arranging vehicle transport and shipping. Total thought for the transaction is estimated to be approximately $74.0 million in cash, subject to standard acquire price adjustments.

Similar to our other network solutions, the purchase of 1st Auto Transport supports our mission to be the leader in driving competence in the automotive retailing industry. 1st Auto helps dealers source and organize of vehicles in a extra timely and cost helpful manner, said Mark O'Neil, chairman and chief executive officer, Dealer Track. Dealer Track enables the key elements of a dealer's workflow with our award-winning DMS, credit application network, and account management tools, among other offerings. We believe Central Dispatch complements Dealer Track’s turn-key record management services, including analytics, pricing, merchandising, cluster trade and now transportation, for franchise and independent dealers.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Features on auto transport rates

The car transporting services consists of many pros there are also few cons in it. The basic drawback is its expense involved when transporting your car. It is an unnecessary expense to spend amount in transporting a vehicle form one place to another since you can save it by driving on your own .Thus it is best to approach a transporter only when there is lack of time.

There are chances for your vehicles to get damaged while transportation. For instance the paint of the car may be damaged die to dirt or because of the sudden environment change which may also reduce the value of the car and it is relatively expensive to rectify it. Finding the right one matching your requirements is a big task since few car shipping carrier companies will not be able to provide the services at your choice. Although there are few complexities involved they can be eliminated if you work along with the company for transporting your car in the best way possible.