Saturday, 25 August 2012

Solutions to Solve a problem regarding vehicle shipping company

  • Transporting your vehicle with the help of shipping company is the very great idea.
  • Clash may occur between customer and client during several
  • Always never contact federal agencies or taking legal actions directly
  • Contact the auto transport company first for any problem
  • Must contact Better Business Bureau in order to file your complaint
  • Must contact the Department of Transportation (DOT) that regulates the U.S transportation

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Use of Reward points in US online bus service

As many fliers offering frequent flier program, US online bus service also suggest reward program for their frequent traveler. For each travel you make, you can get one reward point. To get this reward point to have free travel all you need to do is just have your each travel with same service. For every online registration you make you can receive your points in your account.

If you received 8 points in your account you are eligible to have a free one way trip in Washington deluxe bus. To make one full free roundtrip you should earn 16 points. If you do not have enough points for one way trip and you decided to redeem your points in that case you can pay for remaining points to have a trip. Then again you will also earn one point in your account.  The points are issued automatically and never expire. You shouldn’t want to give any initial or annual charge for this reward program. 

For your more clarification view this online bus service which provides you reward program